Anonymous asked: You don't upload hot pictures of yourself now you got a boyfriend, boring. We want tits!

I don’t post any revealing photos anyways, only body progress photos. Not going to flaunt my body now Im in a relationship, its for his eyes only!

Its my boyfriends 22nd birthday today and we both didn’t realise theres a 3 year gap between us until today, ha. Off to Nandos and the cinema tonight, I cant wait to spoil him as he’s the one who does everything for me normally.

Rainy Forest by (Lisa Ireton)

untitled by geørg on Flickr.

Outfit for a fucking Spring day : 
- Neoprene Jacket Victorian Vncvt
- Lanoir Ripped Denim 
- Raf Simons Sneakers 
- Nicolas Lauer