Anonymous said: was there any need tagging panic attack, depression... fair enough ppl can write what they want & i've been through it so i know exactly what it's like to be have panic attacks. but there's a point of crossing the line & making it look stupid. when i was ill i didn't once write anything about it over the internet to attention seek & want people to feel sorry for me... but that's none of my business :)

Oh darling, please be quiet :) Ive been ill for a very long time and never used to talk about it either. I tag those things so it comes up when people search for the words I have tagged. I want to be in contact with others like myself, Its nothing to do with attention seeking. I’m in recovery so I want to help and find others in my awful position. I get lovely messages from people with mental health, you’re the only person who has sent me any negativity.
Ps - learn to type properly and show your face if you want to judge my life.

Had a panic attack in Asda because my pain was really bad and I got scared. I then stood at the sandwich section for at least 15 minutes trying to pick a sandwich and couldn’t do it because of the calories. I cant wait for today to be over, ugh.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. (via thedailypozitive)

I am in so much pain again tonight, I cant deal with this amount of pain for much longer. Nobody realises how awful my pain can get, I hate Fibro! I just want to curl up in bed and cry but I cant even walk from the sofa to my bedroom right now, sigh.